Cobaltz(r)Night time Fun Accessories

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Great accessory for Parties, Raves, Concerts and all outdoor evening events. 

Night time fun for children and adults alike!

LONG LASTING ULTRA BRIGHT GLOW STICKS in assorted colors with connectors to make bracelets, necklaces, and almost any other crazy light creation that you want.

  • The perfect accessory for both Children and Adult Parties.
  • Non-toxic and non flammable.
  • Camping, clubbing, raves, beach parties, night games, evening concerts, and sporting activities are more fun with long lasting glow sticks.
  • Design your own fantastic glow stick uses and costumes 
  • Full Product Satisfaction Guarantee

Cobaltz Glow Sticks - 100 Ultra Bright Long Lasting 8" Sticks

The perfect accessory for camping, late night beach parties, night skiing, evening outings or anytime family or friends get together.

Hours of safe fun for children ages 3 years and up.