" I love these glow sticks! Great      

  quality, they crack really easily and their  

  colors are super bright and vivid. The  

  connector pieces hold the sticks together   really well. Great price, too!! I will  

  definitely buy again!!! "    A. Hamilton

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Cobaltz(r)Night time Fun Accessories

The LONGEST LASTING - SUPER BRIGHT glow sticks on the market today!

     When you buy glow sticks, do yourself a favor and avoid cheap ones that are dull and don't last long.

     The Cobaltz Ultra Bright Glow Sticks will LIGHT UP THE NIGHT and blow you away with their brightness and how long they last.

     Cobaltz Glow Sticks are the perfect accessory for birthday parties, concerts, raves, sporting events, camping, late night beach parties, night skiing or snowboarding, evening outings or anytime family or friends get together.

  • 100 long lasting, ultra bright glow sticks in assorted colors 
  • 50 glow stick connectors to make bracelets, necklaces, and almost any other crazy light creation that you want 
  • Perfect accessory for Child and Adult Parties 
  • 2 year shelf life prior to activation 
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable 
  • Safe for children 3 years and older

The best glow sticks available today fully backed by a hassle-free money back guarantee

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